Friday, September 08, 2006


This blog is about my rustic life. I strive to live in Harmony with all of Creation, and I try to make posts that will be evocative and will lead others to this way of life. I live and work in a very remote area of the Missouri Ozark mountains surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness land. I actually live a dual lifestyle: Many days I am at one of my computers heavily involved in the "virtual world" creating how-to videos, taking nature photographs and helping out with our web bookstore Other days I will be out in the "Real World" practicing my "Old Ways" lifestyle and Spirituality.
My posts will often detail activities that are appropriate to the changing seasons such as foraging, hunting, gardening, wood cutting and tracking. I will present specific details and use photographs as necessary. If you would like to see photographs I have for sale visit my photography web gallery at
As I strive to live the life the creator has directed me to do I will also talk about aboriginal spirituality and antique Indian Ways of Living in Harmony with Nature. Feel free to make follow up posts or ask questions at any time. Thanks for Dropping by!
The Old Buzzard

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