Monday, May 28, 2007

Asnishinaabe Hunter-Gatherer Traditional Foods

Eating the foods Creator gave us will Honor Him and give us good health.

Eating the foods that are grown in the soil and climate that you live in is very important. These STAPLE foods provide the specific nutrients your body needs. The Creator has given us everything we need literally within walking distance from where you live (wild rice, fish, deer, corn, various greens, and the other traditional foods mentioned above.) How else could people have survived without modern transportation? ... and they did so for thousands of years.

Spring Time is a time of renewal. Fish, eggs, fresh shoots (such as horsetail and cattail sprouts) and tender greens (such as lambs quarters which is also known as wild spinach, dandelion, plantain, purslane, mint, wintergreen, nettles, wood ferns, and creeping snowberry leaves) help us to cleanse our systems from the heavy winter foods.

You can view the entire Pyramid here: Anishinaabe Food Pyramid

Special thanks are in order for the Anishinaabe Center, Detroit Lakes, MN 218-846-9463 for commissioning this work.
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karl said...

we don't really hunt and gather. we cultivate the best we can.

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