Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fend For Yourself

When did we decide campgrounds needed laundromats? When the car stalled, whose bright idea was it to reach for a cell phone instead of a tool? When did we decide to eat manufactured food instead of growing it ourselves, cooking it ourselves, and sharing it with our families and friends?

There was a time when the words "quick" and "fix" were never found together in the same sentence. When our homes needed to be built, we grabbed brothers, fathers and hammers, not a mouse that clicked on Mr. On-line Contractor. Our nation's great accomplishments were a testament to hard work, sweat and ingenuity. After all, we not only put a man on the moon, but built him a rover to drive while he was up there.

What will we achieve today? Can we turn our backs to the enemy known as convenience before it makes us helpless? Do we have what it takes to depend solely on ourselves? Can we learn the skills necessary to survive in a nation without electricity or public services such as heat, water sewage disposal, electricity and readily available gasoline? Think it can’t happen here? Look at Baghdad, the CAPITAL of Iraq, a city without reliable utilities for over four years. Think back to 9-11. Can we protect all of our water systems from deliberate contamination? Our power generating facilities from a 9-11 style attack? Our cell phone towers and transmission systems? Our country has made a lot of enemies over the past few years and those enemies are dedicated to destroying the comfortable life we Americans have become accustomed to. We can’t possibly expect to protect all of our infrastructure all of the time.

Ponder these questions, consider the consequences. Learn to be more self-reliant. Gather self-help books or instructional DVD’s. Consider acquiring the tools, knives and outdoor gear that are essential, not only for the task at hand, but for bringing back something lost: our self-reliance.

Fend for Yourself!

This article was inspired by one written by Gerber Legendary Blades and featured on their web site at Many book, DVD’s and tools to live the self-reliant life can be found at . This message was written by the Old Buzzard on September 26, 2007. Permission to reproduce is granted if the article is printed in it’s entirety and credit is given to
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