Friday, May 09, 2008

Meet My Friend Fluff

Yes, I know this doesn't seem to have much to do about Native Spirituality. But, in reality it does: We are are all to be respected equally, why can't a Cat become a valuable part of my business world. He is a part of every minute of my Life, every day. Fluff usually holds court at his Forum over at the Back40Forums
Fluffy Cat Records List. He's promised me he will be a regular contributor. If you want to know where the Old Buzzard roosts visit the Back40Forums index and check out the various message boards. You might find one that will interest you!
Here is Fluff's first message:
Hi Folks--
Allow me to introduce myself: I am Fluff A. Catt. If it weren't for me there wouldn't be a Fluffy Cat Records. Without my best buddy Herm I wouldn't be enjoying this special life. One day when I was riding on the E-Z go that we drive back and forth to the office he said "How would you like to be Chairman of the Board at our new record company division?". Well, I had been watching butterflies soaring through our cart so I really hadn't been listening well. But, when it finally hit me I thought "what a cool idea". Me, the biggest, fluffiest Tom on the farm with a REAL position. I love good acoustic music (but I have to cover my ears around rock bands) and sometimes even sing along on vocals, especially if the singer is performing under the full moon. So I answered "yes", on the condition that I could be an integral part of the team. Herm suggested I write a regular column to our friends and customers and I thought that was a great idea.

So, keep checking back here on a regular basis and I'll keep you up to date on what's going on in my life. Of course, right now it's Spring and since I am a bachelor who plays the field, I might be pretty busy (if you know what I mean). Well, right now it's time for a nap on a nearby tree branch so I'll catch you later. Thanks for visiting!

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